Firearms in Israel

The publications listed below are in English only. Articles and reports in Hebrew and Arabic are listed in the Hebrew and Arabic sections, respectively.

Mazali, R. (2016). Speaking of Guns: Launching gun control discourse and disarming security guards in a militarized society. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 18(2), p. 292-304.

Mazali, R. (2009). The Gun on the Kitchen Table: The Sexist Sub-Text of Private Policing in Israel. In V. Farr, H. Myrttinen, & A. Schnabel (Eds.), Sexed pistols: The gendered impacts of small arms and light weapons. Tokyo: United Nations University Press.

Mazali, R. (2007). Ethnically Constructed Guns and Feminist Anti-Militarism in Israel. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 9(2), p. 289-308.

Sachs, D., Sa’ar, A., Aharoni, S. (2007). ‘How Can I Feel for Others when I Myself Am Beaten?’: The Impact of the Armed Conflict on Women in Israel. Sex Roles, 57, p. 593-606.

Gun Free Kitchen Tables, Loose Guns: Israeli controlled small arms in the civil sphere: How many guns and how much control? (January, 2017), English summary.

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